Thursday, April 2, 2009

Springtime on the Farm

Getting the mowers ready for the season

Mom and Baby

Bucklings playing the challenge game. They love jumping on and off this sewer manhole.

My other kidlets playing the challenge game :-)

Moms and Babies relaxing

Isabel loving Chloe. Poor Chloe, she's hooked to her chain to keep her from chasing the guineas

Hmmm . . . . wonder what lives in here?

Isaac insisted I take a picture of the creek. We're so blessed to have this on our land so that our animals have fresh water all the time.

Isaac and Isabel think Chloe's new house is the greatest.

Boris looking casual and distinguished, as usual. He loves the camera.

Chloe the coonhound

Betsy recuperating. Hopefully she learned her lesson about chasing cars when she clipped the tire of a truck while going to the mailbox with me this morning. The super-nice guy felt terrible and backed up his truck to make sure she was OK. She was just a little stunned, LOL.

Speckled Hen lays her nest here every year. She has 4 little hatchlings this time around. They were out foraging, so hopefully I'll get some pics of her with her brood soon. It's precious!

This is Isaac's favorite spot, on top of the hay.

Way up there! He loves that spot!

Boris, cool as cucumber, as always.

First mowing of the spring. This was so cute. The grass is a lot greener in the front of the house.

Brenda and her baby

The challenge game. Aren't they cute? Isabel is crying in the background because Chloe ran by and her chain whipped underneath Isabel's feet and knocked her flat. Poor baby! She was OK, just mad. She climbed in Chloe's doghouse with her after that. :-D


Adelia said...

Oh my goodness! Such beautiful blessings and fun, Rachel!

Nicole said...

You guys have the best life! I love all of your farm pictures. Boris is the coolest animal ever!!! Seriously, he's so awesome looking! The challenge game looks like so much fun. You and your kids must have a blast everyday with all your animals!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

These are fantastic pictures!! Oh, my favorites are the lawn mower preparation and Isabel loving on Chloe. So absolutely adorable!

Jen said...

I love all of your pictures :)
Boris is awesome! That is cute he has his little mower out working on it just like his daddy, to cute!

Nicole said...

Awesome! How big is your land?
what is the challenge game?!

Claire said...

Eeee! What wonderful pictures! And I think I'm a little bit in love with Boris!


Rachel said...

Boris is so great. :-)

Nicole, we have 2.5 acres. The game the little buckling goats play is "who can be king of the mountain," LOL.

Bethany said...

The matching lawnmower pics are so dang cute.

Jessica Morris said...

I love the lawn mower picture, so precious!!

Boris makes me giggle everytime I see a picture of him! He is so distinguished looking! A very handsome camel indeed!

I'd love to hit up your church yard sale! lol. Too bad it's so far! You'll have to post if you get any treasures there!! I've been posting a lot of yard sale deals lately... did you see the "everything under $1" post? That has my favorite yard sale deals in it :)

Rhonda said...

Hey I just came over from someone doing a frugal fashion post. You said your church is having a yard sale June 6th I believe...AR...

Where at?? I would love to come! Would love for you to stop by and let me in the know! Thanks! Have a fab weekend!