Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Isaac-ism #3

Isaac burned his tongue on his dinner.

"Isaac, be careful, I told you it's a little hot"

"No, Mom, it's a BIG hot"


My Son

I really need to start blogging this stuff, because I know I'll forget it as the years go by. This is just copied and pasted from an email I sent to my mom . . . . . .

Isaac has a birthday list. He is very excited for his birthday to come on the 28th. He wants:

--Balloons (red)
--Ice Cream and stuff
--a blue bag with a Little Einstein shirt in it (he means a blue gift bag)
--a drumpet (A trumpet, it's on order. When he opens it, he will gasp. He's demonstrated.)
--a Spongebob video game
--silly string
-- a musical hat of many colors. A purple one. (?????)

He cracks me up. He wanted me to tell him a story tonight about his birthday (he just wanted to keep talking about his birthday). So I got out the video the hospital made when he was born. He absolutely loved it. He says that's when we "built" him. He also named all the parts of his body that have grown since then. Then he said "But you don't have any kids in your belly". I told him not anymore, they already took them out.

I was narrating the video and told him he was saying "Where's my mommy!?" and his daddy handed him to me and said "Look, Mommy! Here's your Isaac!" And I said "Oh, I love my Isaac!"

Isaac narrated himself: "And I said 'Where's my sister!?' "

He chattered all the way home from church, mostly about his birthday, but he got sidetracked when he saw the big, orange moon. He asked me if he could ride an airplane. He really wants to ride an airplane so he can see the moon. He wants to sit by his dad and HE wants to push all the buttons. (You know, to fly the airplane!)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

If only I could remember to write down everything they say . . . . .

Isaac yelled at his sister in aggravation this morning. Mike reprimanded him. Isaac said "But Dad, I'm not yelling. I'm just asking her louder".

On the way to church, Isaac and Isabel were commenting on all the tree devastation. Isabel asks every day, for every tree "Ohh NO!! What happened that tee, Mama?" And I tell her "It fell down, Baby." Isaac commented this morning, "Oh, no, we need some sticky tape for those trees!"

A little while ago, I hear mischief going on in the kids' room, where they are supposed to be sleeping. Isaac yells to me "Mo-om! Izzy has a toy in her bed! Mo-om! Can you come in here and spank my sister!!??"

The fun never ends.